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The main house consists of a great room, kitchen, dining room (featuring a custom-built wood slab dining table), 1 1/2 baths, authentic Finnish sauna room with additional shower, and three bedrooms. The upstairs bedroom is very large, with three queen-sized beds, and has its own walk-out balcony. All beds in the house have new, luxury-hotel grade mattresses with goose-down filled bedding (hypo-allergenic synthetic bedding available on request). The great room contains a fireplace, new over-sized furniture, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system with satellite television, stereo and VCR/DVD player. Outside the great room, with its large picture windows, is an expansive deck with wrap-around built-in seating, providing a wonderful vantage high above the lake amid tall trees.

The house can be heated by its working fireplace, several gas-fired room heaters, and the large gas furnace in the sauna. Air conditioning is not necessary due to the temperate summer climate and extensive tree canopy. The house is served by a deep, electric-powered well; the water is clear, cold and delicious. The refrigerator and freezer are gas-powered, and there is comprehensive electric lighting throughout the house and a microwave oven powered by a battery bank charged by an automatic, gas-fired generator. Telephone service is by a cellular phone with rooftop antenna.

The Finnish sauna is standard equipment in Upper Peninsula homesteads. Health experts say it provides many health benefits and a deep cleaning, but guests will try it for the sheer enjoyment and pleasure it provides. This sauna contains contoured, raised cedar benches, cedar paneling, an iron gas furnace topped with smooth Lake Superior rocks (upon which is ladled water to provide steam), a dressing area, and a shower with hot and cold water. Try it a few times and you may never want to take an ordinary shower or bath again!

The guesthouse sits right over the lake and is surrounded by a wrap-around deck and large windows. It contains three beds (including two double-sized bunks), gas heater, lighting, and TV-VCR.